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late this afternoon and this evening, that's when we've got a chance for a few flurries, snow showers. winds turn northwest at 16, gusting 20, 25. that's the arctic boundary that is headed our way. this morning a few snow showers out through southwestern pennsylvania moving east, northeast. we have a patch of clouds which has popped up over us. your temperatures mid-20s in hagerstown. that's one of the coldest readings. 28 in easton. they're chilly there. 19 in oakland. going to have subzero windchills in the mountains starting tonight with 35 here in d.c. going up to 44. it's quiet. it's monday. it's mlk day. inauguration day. lots of folks are off but there's so much you need to know if you're going to try to come into d.c. it could take me all day long if i told you all the street closures and parking restrictions. a lot of restrictions to try to get into the district this morning. we have a long list for you on our website but i also have new information for you for emergency alerts and notifications. you can text the word
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"inauguration" to triple 8, triple 7 when you're out this morning. so keep that in mind as well. that should be another good way to find out information. how to enter the national mall, constitution avenue at 7th, 9th and 12th. independence avenue at 7th and 12th. metro opened at 4:00 they're open till 2:00 tomorrow morning. these stations are closed. smithsonian, archives and mount vernon square and only if you're an inauguration ticket holder can you get off at union station, judiciary square, capitol south and federal center. there will be security check points there as well, by the way. let's go outside and show you what it looks like. at the 14th street bridge, right now it's open but it's 5:30, 14th street bridge will be diverted on to the southeast- southwest freeway. northbound 395 hov is closed at 9:00 a.m. more information coming up for you once again in a few minutes. mike and andrea? >> thank you, monika. today we'll enjoy the inaugural motorcade, the swearing in ceremony and public speech from president obama and
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later the inaugural parade. >> the president needs to take the oath of office officially on january 20. with all the big events surrounding today, he had to do that yesterday. on sunday he took the official oath of office in a prate ceremony apartment the white house. -- ceremony at the white house. vice president joe biden and his wife and a few others looked on as chief justice john roberts administered the oath. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice, thank you so much. >> there is was. it was very quick. now we'd like to welcome chris brown. he's here in our rooftop location. >> chris is director of public affairs and he has been going to parties, parties, parties, nonstop. we're so glad you're partying with us this morning. which parties did you go to? >> good morning. for the last three days it's been parties nonstop. i think really the first great party of this weekend was the iowa state society party as the
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national museum of women of the arts. they take a serious responsibility in choosing who the nominees are to be president. we saw governor o'malley was there and vice president biden. >> they're jockeying already for 200016? -- 2016? >> reporter: vice president biden showed up unexpectedly and said i'm so proud to be here as president of the united states. it was spectacular. >> oh, that is -- >> reporter: all the state societies want to do their own thing. of course the texas guys with the black tie. the big party at gaylord national. we saw the bluegrass ball from the kentucky state society and north north carolinians took over nationals park. huge party up there. last night was the beginning of really 24 hours of nonstop partying. as we were coming up pennsylvania avenue this morning to this beautiful studio overlooking the white house which of course is just lit up, all the bars were still
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letting out. the revelers at 3:45 in the morning, it was insanity to me. people having a good time. you don't have opportunities to party like this. >> we never see traffic coming into work. you know something is happening in d.c. when there's traffic at 1:00 in the morning. people, like you said, were still partying, just leaving, some just getting to bed. it's incredible. >> are there such things -- we talk about this in the oscars and a lot of award ceremonies and big events, are there snubs when it comes to ball season here? >> my god, yes. at the elite level, there are some tickets that are almost impossible to get. there was a brunch yesterday morning at cafe milano, the fancy italian place where the president took his wife this week. it was billionaires, news anchors. this was an impossible ticket. it was a spectacular party. >> who else was there? >> we had so many different kinds of people hosted by "newsweek" and the daily beat. we had their cohorts. pierce morgan. bob schieffer was there.
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the billionaire from los angeles was there. >> i'm just thinking, those are the private parties. you have food and drink. what about the official inaugural balls? >> there are only two this year. this is the fewest number since 1956 when dwight d. eisenhower was reinaugurated. the president will be attending both of those. the general ball and the commander in chief ball. tickets sold out in about four seconds. both of those are at the washington convention center here in town. >> chris brown, thanks a lot for joining us. so enthusiastic at this hour of the morning. >> chris, have a great time tonight. thanks for being with us. now to today's big event. metro opened an hour earlier than it usually does on the weekdays to try to accommodate the huge crowds expected on the national mall. >> that's right. wusa9 reporter delia goncalves is live at the eastern end of metro's orange line in new carrollton where plenty of people are already filing past. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. i can't believe chris brown. how much energy did he have?
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wow. okay. he was speaking a mile a minute. it was great fun listening to him and watching him. here we are at new carrollton. folks have been coming. it seems all morning long. we got here around 3:30. we pulled up a little bit before 3:30 and we already started seeing folks pulling in and lining up for that first train that rolled through the station at 4:00 a.m. and you can hear the train just pulling out. so folks are heading to the inauguration. this was a recommendation that folks in the outskirts here come to the end of the line stations, park their vehicles, and then metro in. and everyone has been saying this is your best bet to get anywhere close to the inauguration ceremonies a little later this morning. we spoke to a woman from michigan, teresa doyle. she came with a contingent of
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about 30 people who loaded up in vans early this morning, came down to new carrollton to head out very early in the morning to beat those massive crowds. let's listen to what she had to say. >> we came to the last inauguration. we're just expecting a great celebration. we're excited that we get to do this two times. >> reporter: not as cold and not as crowded. >> thank god. thank god. thank god not as cold. we're still anticipating a big crowd. we're here early because of the crowd before. you know, we're happy to see that we don't have to stand in line as long. i think once we get to the inauguration, there's going to be a lot of people having a lot of fun. >> reporter: when you woke up this early morning, what went through your mind? was it hard to get out of bed or you hopped out? >> i hopped out of bed. i got up at 2:30. went to bed at 10:30 so didn't get much sleep. hopped out of bed, got ready. the advance were on time. >> reporter: the adrenaline of the day will help keep you
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awake. >> awake and warm. >> reporter: let's say, awake and warm. let's hope it keeps us all awake and warp. it's going to be a long day but a pretty exciting one. so far so good here on metro. back to you. >> the excitement and that cold slap in the face when the wind blows through, that will keep us going. >> reporter: maybe that, too. >> delia live at new carrollton metro station. we have barely just starred our day long coverage on wusa9. if you're headed our way, we want a view, your view, of the inauguration. send us videos to our wusa9 social platform. you can also use the wusa9 app that will link us to you. >> lights are on at the white house.
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welcome back, your weather first. it will be a day with temperatures at or even slightly above average. 41 to 47. average is 43. breezy and chilly. perhaps some late afternoon, evening flurries and snow showers. the arctic air is moving in tonight. i'll tell but that and a neat sky conjunction in about five minutes. back to you. >> thank you, howard. we're back live at our rooftop location overlooking the white house in downtown washington northwest. you can see the white house. lights are on. it's beautiful. >> lights are on. we'll be watching the inauguration fest i.s below us -- festivities below us but many of you will be clamoring for a viewing space on the ground. peggy fox is live along the national mall waiting for the crowds to get to her which is much less crowded right now, but things will change in a few hours. right, peggy? good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, andrea. i want you to meet patty
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burrgis from tyler, texas. how you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> reporter: she came up for the first inauguration of president obama four years ago with a whole group from tyler metro chamber of commerce. >> right, from tyler, texas. >> reporter: tyler, texas. you chartered a bus both times, right? >> both times we chartered a bus and rode up to see president obama be inaugurated. >> reporter: you had a fabulous time. >> a fabulous time last time and this time even better. >> reporter: we're showing some of the video from four years ago. it was so inspirational. tell me about the feelings that you had coming up here and seeing president obama inaugurated four years ago? >> it was very inspiring. i saw all nationalities come together to honor our president and to see him sworn in. >> reporter: you're a teacher.
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you also told me -- tell me about your struggle and the sif civil rights movement and because went -- and what you went through. >> i went to an integrated school. i was one of the first blacks going to the high school in texas. >> reporter: you're a trailblazer and bringing your group back again this year. >> bringing them back. >> reporter: and a little easier this time. >> easier getting in. >> reporter: tell me you where stayed last time? >> last time we had to go to delaware. this time we're staying in alexandria, virginia. >> reporter: they're right in old town. you have a great spot and the charpter bus has driven them here this morning. -- charter bus has driven them here this morning. you'll be watching on the jumbotrons. >> that's right. we'll be watching. >> reporter: patty, thank you so much from tyler texas coming up to watch the second inauguration of president obama. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: have a great time. >> okay. bye-bye. >> reporter: bye-bye. i'm wondering how many folks are coming back for a second
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time. that's very interesting. she's got a whole busload of people. they chartered a bus. drove up on friday and they've been sort of -- they went to arlington cemetery yesterday. so they're trying to really take in all the sights and sounds of d.c. whereas last time there war so many -- there were so many people who came, it was difficult to do things in the city because they had quite a drive time between delaware and here. hopefully they'll have a great time. back to you, andrea. >> thank you, peggy fox live on the mall where people are starting to fill in. a lot of them who came four years ago, they know the drill. they know what to bring, what not to bring. but if you're rushing to get everything together for the mall, we want to make sure you do know what to bring so you can have an enjoyable time. many of the items not to bring are obvious. they include aerosol sprays and air horns, alcoholic beverages, coolers, backpacks and no laser pointers of any color. >> other things you need to leave home, leave home the strollers, the signs, the
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posters, no thermoses, glass containers, umbrellas, weapons. that seems obvious. fireworks. leave all that stuff at home. it is a long list. go to we'll have the entire list coming up right there and we will be back in just a moment with a special guest. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter.
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welcome back to wusa9's special coverage of ow inauguration events here as we overlook the beautiful white house. the lights are on. >> it is cold. howard says bundle up, right? that's right. 30s this morning. we'll be in the 40, 45-degree range getting toward inauguration time and the parade this afternoon. and in you don't get enough cool things to see today, there is one neat thing i want you to check out tonight. jupiter and the moon will be -- if you hold your index finger and in the sky tonight, it will happen again in march but really a cool scene tonight assuming we don't have flurries and snow showers with colder air moving in. so we'll be 40 by noon. a little breezy as we get into the afternoon. some gusts could be 20 miles an hour or better with a southeast wind at 9. shortly after that i
5:19 am
expect it to kick to the northwest as the arctic boundary gets here, dropping us into the teens and 20s tonight and temperatures will barely move tomorrow. this morning a patch of clouds. winds are just hitting the ridgetops here. so a patch of clouds. a little bit of a lift right over the region. a few snow showers there dying there in southwestern pennsylvania. and annual dray ya, you're asking -- and andrea, you're asking about temperatures. 32 in arlington. yes, a chilly morning with 20s in montgomery county. rockville 29. 34 in upper marlboro, one of our warmer spots with 30 at dulles. 32 leesburg. good visibility this morning in spite of the clouds. no problems getting around weather wise. reporting cloudy at national. 35. feels like 28 though with an east, northeast wind at 9. the air is really drying out. dew point down to 15. this thing will be below zero probably tomorrow as the arctic air moves in. you can see the arctic air as we look at the forecast highs today.
5:20 am
4 below in minneapolis. 11 in chicago. we'll track this arctic air on tuesday moving toward the great lakes and the northeast. austin 25 tomorrow and about the same on wednesday. with the boundary and the cold air, there may be just a few flurries or snow showers. today 44. tonight 23. could see a flurry or snow shower tonight, tomorrow, especially in the mountains. tomorrow and wednesday, yellow weather alerts because of the cold which is really going to impact your outdoor plans. breezy tomorrow. still chilly on wednesday. and as we head toward friday, it could be a wintry mess around here depending on how strong the storm gets. cold on saturday. let's go to monika right now with the latest timesaver traffic. a deer struck on the suitland parkway east of silver hill road. as you can see on the map behind me, the beltway is doing well. you have a tiny bit of slow traffic forming on the west side of town at the american legion bridge and through the annandale area. no hov restrictions at all today on 95, 66, 270 and even
5:21 am
on route 50. actually route 50 in maryland, those hov restrictions always remain in place. i also want to let you know if you plan to use marc trains this morning, special inauguration day service on brunswick and penn lines and also the gw parkway remains open. park police say if you're trying to get in and out of national airport, you should be okay. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like if you're planning to head here at the 14th street bridge. hov restrictions are not in effect today so that should help you but if you're traveling inbound on the 14th street bridge, you want to watch out. you'll be diverted on to the southeast-southwest freeway. go dc go has established bike parking areas at 16th and i street for hundreds of bikes but take your own lock. i'll be back in a few minutes with more. >> thank you, monika. we're here with rob
5:22 am
marsiano new to entertainment tonight but a meteorologist. a lot of people probably recognize you. welcome. how is it being on et going from telling us about forecasts to-- >> there are plenty of storms in hollywood to be sure. it's nice to be outside with you. i know you're not feeling well and it's cold out. >> just a little stuffy. >> she's final. she's a trooper. it's quite a ride. they're definitely throwing me in the fire as far as covering all the award shows and having to come up with intelligent questions for people i haven't covered much. it's a quick learning country. i get to cover some real news in the inauguration and the super bowl so it's been a great ride. >> you're going to be busy this afternoon and tonight i imagine. what are some of the stops you'll make. >> we'll be here quite a bit thanks to wusa9, our partner in crime. it's just fantastic. we'll be servicing some of our other affiliates from here as well. >> you're doing fashion, the balls. >> we've got all of -- et has been here for over a week now.
5:23 am
we have ox si, one of our -- we have roxi, one of our new correspondents. she'll be right there in the mix. christine mcclarty will be covering it as well. >> you'll be back in a little while. we'll hear more from him in a little bit. the white house has just released the new official portrait of president obama as he gets ready to embark on a second term. >> white house photographer show us a smiling president standing in the oval office. the first photo featured a more serious looking obama taking a few days before he was inaugurated in 2009. we like the smiling photo. take another look. we'll be right back after this. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one!
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welcome back. 5:26. your weather first. we have a patch of clouds now, temps in the 20s and 30s out there. not too windy, yet wea. fight off these clouds a little later towards midday with partly sunny conditions. 40 at lunch time. only in the 30s in the northern then down ya valley. high of -- northern shenandoah valley. high of 48. and cold, cold tonight. back on our rooftop perch, we're joined by raynar jackson. >> he's been involved in campaigns for a long time. great to have you here. thanks for getting up early. >> only for you guys. >> a lot of conservatives chose
5:27 am
not to come in for the second inauguration. you just got off a plane. >> only for you guys. >> thank you. >> i think it's kind of crazy that republicans have made it publicly known that they're going to disappear from d.c. because a president of the opposite party, i think this is a time for the country to pull together and i think they're silly. >> let's talk about the second term agenda for president' bottom ma. what does he have to do to try and reach a compromise that we need to get america working? >> i don't know what that means, compromise. in today's d.c., that's not going to happen. so far in january, this president has pretty much gotten everything he wants from the republicans. i think we as republicans, we are still searching for who we are post-election. we have not defined what our vision is going forward and the president had a clear vision and what's amazing, he reminded me of michael dukakis in '84. he said i'm going to raise your taxes.
5:28 am
of course he got beat. but this president told the american people what he wanted to do and won. i'm amazed. i am totally amazed. >> as we move forward, the demands for the republican party, look, we need to talk specific spending cuts. the whiept house has dealt with generalities and has laid out a plan. what are some of your thoughts on that being the likelihood as we move forward? >> well, i think the mght has -- i think the president has played his hand marv juicily so -- marvelously so far. because we don't have a unified vision, the president is able to conquer us and divide us. we have to come up with two or three items we're willing to fight for and not going to compromise on and we have not figured that out yet. >> the president is also fighting progressiveness in his own party. entitlements have got to be on the table when it comes to spending cuts. everyone said that. how much of a battle is he fighting intennally? >> he's going to get worse. no matter what you give to the
5:29 am
liberal left, they always want more. they don't believe in incremental itch. they want all or nothing right now. as reagan said, my '80% friend is not my 20% enemy. if you're not a hundred percent, then they don't want you to cut a deal. he's going to run into that soon. >> you would see ted kennedy spout off. there would always be some sort of back room deal may not be the best way to put it but that's kind of how it happen. you can save face in front of the cameras but finally somebody gave -- why has that disappeared? >> you can point to the 1990 census when they redistributed republicans to save republican districts and democrats to save democratic districts. you've got so much polarization as a result of restricting, that's where it came from in the 1990's. >> it seems like we haven't moved the needle very much.
5:30 am
thank you for your analysis. thanks for getting up off that plane and coming directly here. we appreciate it. >> thank you. if you haven't seen it yet, the first lady got a new do just in time for the inaugural event. >> the sleek page boy with bangs is getting rave reviews. the first lady, president obama and friends celebrated her 49th birthday last week at cafe milano in georgetown. he she also launched her own twitter handle. what do you think of the bangs? let us know on our facebook fan page. we'll be right back. >> she looks great. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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but don't take our word for it -- ask a real fios customer. ask me why fiber optics matters. ask me about the upload speeds -- they're sick! [ male announcer ] so go online and send a tweet to a real fios customer. last chance to get fios for just $89.99 a month for 2 years with a 2-year agreement. plus get $300 back. visit for america's fastest, most reliable internet. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . good morning. welcome back to today's presidential inauguration coverage. we're live from a roof top perch along i street all morning long overlooking the beautiful white house that's now very much illuminated. looking great.
5:34 am
>> absolutely gorgeous. thanks for wakes up with us. i'm mike hydeck. it's chipper outside this morning. monika and howard are back in the studio. we'll start with howard with a look at the weather first. in case you're coming down to the mall today, how should you prepare? it's in the 30s now, even upper 20s. prepare for a cold day. we're looking at temperatures today 44, 45. so that's not too bad. winds are going to gust at times 20 miles an hour and it should be dry most of the day. here's a look at the day planner here on this monday morning. it's mlk and inauguration day. temperatures by noon close to the 40-degree mark. by 4:00 we're looking at temperatures in the mid-40s. 44. that's my forecast high for the day. and late this afternoon don't be surprised especially north of town we get a few sprinkles, even flurries and snow showers as the cold air moves in. notice how the winds turn northwest? that's an arctic boundary. going to keep some of the deep freeze around here tuesday, wednesday and thursday and maybe set the stage for a wintry mess on friday.
5:35 am
this morning some patchy clouds across the region. a few snow showers up in southwestern pennsylvania. and the chill in the air. you guys outside, hey, it's 35 at national, but away from there, many areas now in the upper 20s to lower 30s going to 44. let's turn it over to monika samtani. a lot of folks are off but that doesn't mean you don't have a lot of traffic issues to deal with. we do have traffic issues in terms of the restrictions trying to get into the district. let me just give you some perspective on what you should expect if you are planning to head into the district using our traffic map. till 7:00 tomorrow morning, tuesday morning, parking will be restricted along 45 streets. also till -- at 3:00 a.m. this morning, closures along 30 streets began. so that is to give you a little perspective if you're planning to head into the district, i think you should just go ahead and use metro. they have plans for 60,000 parking spots in their lots and garages. that should definitely help you. they open at 4:00 this morning. they will remain open till 2:00
5:36 am
tomorrow morning. let's take a look outside and show what you it looks like across the 14th street bridge. just now at 5:30 in the morning, 14th street bridge is now diverted only on to the southeast-southwest freeway and now the 3rd street tunnel is shut down as well. so two things you want to remember. across the 14th street bridge you're diverted only on to the southeast-southwest freeway and no access north or southbound in the 3rd street tunnel. the big closures have begun. mike and andrea? >> thank you very much. the action, the real action, the public swearing in ceremony takes place on the west front of the u.s. capitol and guess who's there right now in a great position. >> talk about a plum assignment. jessica doyle is up close and personal this morning right near the riser or on the risers. wow, good view, jess. >> reporter: not a bad sight to see. i'll tell you, andrea and mike, good morning to you and good morning to everybody at home. we have a plum seat here, right here on the risers, right on
5:37 am
the u.s. capitol complex. i want to show you the scene behind me because the setup has begun here. that blue platform area, that's where the president will take the oath of office. of course, this is sorry money as you've -- this is ceremonial as you've been reporting. the main action happened at the white house on the 20th as is the system here in the united states. so they're doing setup this morning. that glass enclosed area, that's going to be where the president takes the oath of office at noon today. if you look below, you're going to see that's where the musicians are going to set up later. the dignitaries will start filing in here around 9:00 a.m. i want to show you the scene with the media here because i've got a lot of company. i've got a lot of friends here this morning. we've been here since about 2:30. all of us had to wait in line for a long time to get through the security check points. so we didn't actually even get up on the risers till about 5:15 this morning. and when folks come here today, they're going to have to be prepared for a lot of security. i want to give you a sense of
5:38 am
what's going to be -- what they're going to be facing. there are 42 agencies involved in setting up security today. d.c. police have 3900 officers in place that are going to be working the event today. they've deputized 2000 additional police officers from other states who have come here to help out. that's not even to mention the 6,000 national guards troops and the 2000 national guardsmen that are outside of the city all with security assignments today. even the secret service is tweeting today. that shows you just how different things are than four years ago how the situation has changed. but it is blitzry. so -- blistery. people should be prepared to stand around for periods of time. so the hats, the glove, hand warmers will be vital pieces of equipment to bring with you today. but it's very exciting. setup is definitely going on. we're going to be live here throughout the morning for you. i'm going to send it back to you guys. >> very good. jessica doyle live from one of
5:39 am
the prime spots on the risers at the u.s. capitol, the west front. >> absolutely gorgeous. thanks, jess. look who we have here? the new anchor of enter time tonight, robert marciano. >> welcome back. >> thanks for having me. this never gets tired right here thcht is a fantastic vantage point you have. thanks so much for allowing us to share your broadcast position. >> you're new to enter time tonight but people are getting to know you because you've been along the red carpet for the golden gloabz and some of the -- globes and some of the other high profile events. how does this stack up to something like that? >> the inauguration itself? >> yes. >> this to me, you know, being at cnn for so many years and local news before that, this is a historical event. it happens every four years. we know it's coming. there may be a changing of the guard, there may not be but it's still an historical event that only comes around a handful of times in anyone's lifetime. to be a part of this and be able to see this-- >> it seems like in recent presidencies, more and more
5:40 am
hollywood starts coming here, whether it's to testify before congress or people shooting movies here in d.c. and then being involved in all the inaugural balls when it comes to inauguration time. >> it's like anything else, it gets a lot more media coverage. the 24-hour news networks helped that. we cover the celebrities as well. so there will be quite a few out there today and enter time tonight will be on -- enter time tonight will be on that. -- entertainment tonight will be on that. >> among the politicals, who are you excited to meet and talk with? >> i would always love to track down a few of the congress men just to see where heads are at and where they'll be going the next few months because it will get even more interesting. it seems like every deadline that comes and goes, there's another one around the bend. so with the bickering that's going on, just across the way there on capitol hill, it's interesting to be a journalist. you always look forward to the opportunity to bump into a politician. >> what about the stars?
5:41 am
i mean, it's so exciting to think of the job that you have. i know it's a lot of hard work. >> it is. you know, there's a lot of celebrities you have to learn. when i got into news and cnn, there's so many congress men that you have to research. the same with celebrities. it's just another genre. >> there's a lot to cover. we saw a video of katie perry, so many people here. thanks so much. >> mario lopez. i danced with mario. >> i like mario. >> i do. i got a dip. >> he's the koch competition. >> i'm talking about the dancing. >> so nice to see you. >> i'm going to dance with him later on. four members of the military are selected to dance with the president and vice president and their wives at the commander in chief ball. it is a huge honor.
5:42 am
>> the whole dancing thing was a great segue. air force staff sergeant brian nelson will be the president's first dance partner. the 29-year-old medic is stationed at bowling air force base and keisha vetino will dance with the vice president. she's currently a patrol explosive detective dog handler based in fort myer in arlington. congratulations to those ladies. we'll be right back.
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back. 5:44. i'm outside for a change. it's a cold morning out here with temps in the low to mid- 30s in town. we have 20s north and west. thankfully the wind not that strong yet. here's your day planner or a look at your inauguration forecast i should say on this
5:45 am
monday. we have temperatures this afternoon 41 to 47. forecasting a high of 44 here in d.c. it will be breezy and chilly with the winds gusting over 20 later on and a chance for a few flurries or snow showers late this afternoon into this evening. arctic air comes tonight. it's not going to be pretty over the next few days. let's check in now with andrea and michael. >> thank you, howard. there are many military units taking part in this afternoon's inaugural parade. >> wusa9 reporter scott broom spent the night embedded with one of those units at fort myer. what was that like, scott? >> reporter: you heard the movie title o dark 30. that's what's been going on here. these guys have been up since midnight as if on a combat mission except their attar is money old guard -- they're the ceremonial old guard. up all night with them. take a look at some of the pictures i took at about 2:00 this morning as some of the
5:46 am
soldiers here were measuring the medals. they were blackening their shoes. i have a few tricks to tell you how to get shoes shined. they like to use furniture polish, believe it or not. i was surprised by that as well as lighter fluid and everything else. this is a serious mission. the old guard is the oldest unit in the united states military. it's been around since 1784. many, many of the soldiers i met today are veterans of both afghanistan and iraq. they take the ceremonial mission very, very seriously. for them it projects pride and professionalism of the military, but it also projects the dedication and the precision and the sacrifice that goes into this kind of duty. i mean, this is really, really hard work to make these uniforms look great and to make this mission go off exactly as it should. this is the president's guard. these are also the soldiers
5:47 am
that guard arlington and the tomb of the unknown. so they're professionals at getting their pictures taken. they're going to be seen by millions today. this is the largest deployment this regiment does every four years by far. veterans day, memorial day, that's big but inauguration is huge and it went off with precision today. the buses, about 25 of them, are out of here to the pentagon. they'll get formed up. when you watch the inaugural parade later today, the old guard will be the guys right in front of the presidential limousines. you can say hey, you saw them at 1:00 in the morning getting dressed today. reporting live at fort myer, scott broom, wusa9. >> thank you, scott. our inauguration coverage just getting started. it goes all the way through midnight tonight. >> if you're headed to the mall, we want to see your view of the inauguration. send your photos and videos to us via wusa9 social platform. you can also use the wusa9 app
5:48 am
to send us your pictures from the inauguration. have a good time. let us know what's happening in your little corner of the mall. >> we'll be right back.
5:49 am
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5:51 am
welcome back. howard here. your weather first. we've got good visibility but cloudy skies at the moment at national. we'll see a mix of clouds and sun today. 40 by noon. south, southeast winds at 9 picking up to 11 and really picking up with the arctic boundary when it comes through this evening. that's when we could have a few flurries or snow showers late this afternoon and this evening. after a high of 44 today, we're going to be close to 20 degrees colder tomorrow and the next couple of days. this morning in d.c., we've got 35 degrees. feeling like 28 though with the east, northeast wind at 9 and the barometer steady at 30.1 inches of mercury. while it's in the 30s here, phillies 29. we have low 20s hoe and pennsylvania you -- 20s ohio and pennsylvania but this is
5:52 am
the tip of the proverbial iceberg. some areas in northern minnesota approaching 20 below. this arctic air mass, it is moving east, southeast and it is going to be dropping our temps big time starting tonight. we're going to stay in the deep freeze for the next three days after today. in fact, with the arctic air coming in, you can see how the flow here around the lakes, even away from the lakes producing some snow showers. actually it's going to form a little storm that may just get areas right from boston to down east maine with a bunch of snow, maybe six or more inches. for us just patchy clouds in and out of the region for today today -- for the day today before it starts to get much colder. you see the snow showers up here. if there's any good news out of this, the ski areas, the snow guns will be blowing full force the next few days so the manmade base will have a chance to get built up along with snow showers from mother nature. 44 today, breezy. tonight 23. but look, that's in d.c. teens
5:53 am
north and west. tomorrow and wednesday, yellow alerts for the cold. if you're going to work outside in this, it's really going to slow you down with highs in the mid-20s. 16, the low at national. we could have single digits by wednesday morning. wednesday's high 25. still cold on thursday, 27 with 35 friday. friday a storm system could bring us a wintry mess. then over the weekend warming up to 40 by sunday. let's go over to monika samtani. lots you need to know this monday morning. >> thank you so much, howard. 500 to 700,000 people expected along the national mall today for inauguration day. if you're one of those that needs to know some of your pedestrian routes, here are some suggestions. constitution avenue 23rd to 7th, arlington memorial bridge coming from virginia, you'll go around the lincoln circle to constitution avenue, independence avenue 23rd to 7th. enter the mall at constitution 7th, 9th and 12th. at the 14th street bridge you'll be diverted to the
5:54 am
southeast-southwest freeway. 3rd street tunnel is closed off to pedestrians and vehicular traffic now in both directions. i'm going to step out and show you a live look from our sky 9. this is the new carrollton metro station. metro has now got 60,000 parking spaces available in their lots and garages. the closest ones to the national mall once you get on are l'enfant plaza, metro center and gallery place. i'll have more information for you coming up in a few minutes. andrea and mike? >> thank you, monika. see you then. it is january 21, 2013. the big ceremonial inauguration of course. the president was officially sworn in yesterday as by the constitution he has to do that on january 20. today is also of course martin luther king, jr. day, thage day of service was held this past weekend and it folded into the events leading up to today's inauguration. >> but the inaugural weekend is also a boom for many more organizations around washington. the chair of the d.c. commission on the arts and humanities joins us live from
5:55 am
our studios in northwest drk. judith, -- northwest d.c. judith, good morning. >> good morning. it's wonderful to be up so early. >> we're so glad you decided to get up early with us. people have been asking us and i know they've been asking me, what else can we do while we're waiting around. i remember four years ago people took the opportunity to see some of the sights, the museums here in washington free to the public. how does an inaugural event impact the museums and other arts programs? >> i think it's going to be a tremendous impact. one of the problems would be security and getting to different places but if you're on the mall and things are open, i think it would be fabulous because we are the nation's capital and we're trying to make it the cultural capital of the until. we just have incredible museums and spaces where people can go when they're having to wait for things to happen. >> of course d.c. wants to put its best foot forward. are you ware of any special
5:56 am
events at any of the museums are things going on to help people be infused with the culture that is d.c.? >> i know they've been having different events. i was just at a luncheon the other day for the washington performing arts society which was very exciting. we honored -- not we but they honored jesse norman and it was just an amazing event. i think a lot of things are happening at different cultural institutions around the city. >> judith, two must see things that people who are new to the area should try and see before they go back home? >> i think if they can go to some of our great museums that would be fabulous. they probably won't have time to go to the theater. washington has the second largest theater attendance outside of new york. so if they have spare time between the balls, we have amazing theaters from
5:57 am
shakespeare studio, arena. i would suggest they try to get into the national museums. >> good vice, judith terra. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. have a wonderful day. >> you too. wusa9's special coverage of the inauguration of barack obama's second term continues obama's second term continues from our pe mm i went potty! th'sreat, honey.... wher for life's bleachable moments.
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